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Dating springfield armory 1911

This is one of the “M” factors in Springfield’s venerable XDM 3.8 Compact semi-auto chambered in .40 S&W.I have personally been a fan of Springfield Armory handguns for many years, dating back the days when all they produced were world-class 1911-A1 models.While conducting this month’s dealer spotlight interview, we had the chance to meet one of these genuine gun-loving patriots; the person who can spot the historical 1911 in a room filled with hundreds of other guns.

It was definitely an impressive 9mm 1911, that's for sure. Accuracy was also mentioned quite a bit by those that tested it.Although a small town at the time, Springfield, Massachusetts, offered obvious geographical advantages—it lay at the intersection of three rivers (including the major Connecticut River), and four major roads headed toward New York City, Boston, Albany, New York, and Montreal.Additionally, Springfield is located just north of the Connecticut River's first waterfall (Enfield Falls), which is too steep to be navigated by ocean-going vessels.So, I thought I'd ask and see what you all think of the EMP 4 inch, especially the Concealed Carry Contour model.That's the one that I would choose if I were going to get one. I never tire of seeing great looking 1911's and Hi Power's with their carry rig. Also, for those that served our nation in any capacity.... Larry The contour carry is a great option I wish I would have known they were coming out with one.

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I was in the local shop the other day looking at their wares.