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The woman had sustained multiple injuries in the blast, but most concerningly, she was having trouble breathing. A chest tube that’s inserted through an incision into the narrow space around the lung can help drain the air.Staff at the hospital took an X-ray of the woman’s chest and used their Internet connection to send the images to Dr. That’s where he noticed that the blast had caused air to build up around the woman’s left lung. The procedure is a fairly simple one for a surgeon.

The whole project has pedagogical and social monitoring of CNA.

But as the fighting intensified, he and his colleagues realized there were many areas of the country they could no longer access.

Loneliness can be debilitating, but a scaled down social life doesn’t have to be a lonely one.

Most exchange programs are done with high school students, while studying in another country in college is often termed as "study abroad." There is a lot of planning that goes into being an exchange student.

Living in Germany or another country for a summer, semester or year can help to solidify fluency in the language and inspire growth and positive change.

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