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Not all griot families practise music, but those who do, consider it a duty for their children to be well versed in the griot arts.Performance skills and knowledge of repertoire are picked up informally by rote and osmosis within extended families.Much of the recorded information about the Mali Empire comes from 14th century North African Arab historian Ibn Khaldun, 14th century Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta and 16th century Moroccan traveller Leo Africanus.The other major source of information is Mandinka oral tradition, through storytellers known as griots.Looking for single Russian women for marriage, love, and romance?

There are only two state music schools in the entire country, and music is not part of the state school curriculum.

A luxury resort popular with Western tourists in Mali is under attack and two people have been killed, according to reports.

“There is an attack by presumed jihadists on the Kangaba camp,” a security ministry official said.

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The empire was founded by Sundiata Keita and became renowned for the wealth of its rulers, especially Musa Keita. It was the largest empire in West Africa and profoundly influenced the culture of West Africa through the spread of its language, laws and customs.

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