Most intimidating fans

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Most intimidating fans

But strap in and meet these five other K-pop groups you need to know in 2017.Despite being five years old (middle age for a K-pop group), EXO’s power hasn’t diminished one iota because they keep on releasing gargantuan songs accompanied by brilliant videos.

This show consistently surprises us, in the best possible way.

The West Stand on one side is a good sized two tiered stand, whilst opposite is the smaller single tiered East Stand, where the vast open terrace, reputedly the country's biggest, was located until demolished in the 1990's.

There is a row of executive boxes that run across the back of this stand and it has a television gantry suspended beneath its roof.

In one corner of the stadium between the Jimmy (South) Seed & East Stands is a large video screen.

Outside the ground there is a statue of Charlton's legendary former goalkeeper Sam Bartram.

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Mike Keeler informs me; ' The Club have now got planning permission from Greenwich Council to increase the capacity of the Valley to 30,900.