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Native american burial sites dating back

In that cemetery is a plaque that reads, “First recorded burial John Sheldon Jan 16, 1832.

His father, Joseph, was the first Sheldon to settle here in 1805.

It reads: “Village site, extensive, in East Hamburg at the junction of Smokes Creek and a small brook.

The site is on the George Ellis and Charles Diemer farm east of Abbott Road.

When the project began in August 2003, the tribe had been somewhat supportive.

As he dug a little deeper, he found a shapely object that “looked a lot like a human skull,” so he called his mother to help him with the dig.

The absence of wisdom teeth and a cervical vertebrae that had not yet fused at the time of death pointed to his approximate age.

The condition of the teeth also said something of the history of the skull, Paine said.

There were entire families -- babies, children, parents and grandparents, as many as 11 in one grave -- who seemed to have died suddenly and had been buried together. Archaeologists say the site includes mass graves dating from 17, when infectious fevers borne by European fur traders were killing off about 90 percent of the Indians living in the Northwest.

There were men and women whose arms and legs were entwined in a ritual embrace of death. It dwarfs any previous Indian archaeological site found in the Pacific Northwest.

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Madison— Landowners could excavate and possibly develop some of the surviving Indian mounds of Wisconsin — many dating back more than a millennium — under legislation by two lawmakers. The earthen burial mounds, shaped like bears, deer, panthers, birds and people, can stretch hundreds of feet in length or width and are one of the most enduring forms of art in the state.

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