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The Partner study itself comes with a series of warnings about what exactly the study has really found about undetectable viral loads.

Researchers don’t recommend that undetectable gay and bi men have sex without the usual methods of protection, for example.

Children, with an undeveloped immune system, can be exposed to Herpes 1 with a simple kiss from a loved one, then they can have herpes forever!

The highest incidence of initial infection occurs between six months and three years of age.

For example, by saying that you don't want a man who "puts his work before the relationship," you are focusing on a man who puts work before love and that is the desire you are unconsciously sending out through your energy. You will immediately feel better and you will be in alignment with love.2. If you are ready for love, one of the best things you can do is get lost in day-dreaming about your perfect mate.

The good news is, if you know what you don't want, you know what you You can tell if your affirmation is positive or negative by the way it makes you feel. As you imagine your ideal partner, the universe receives these images as indicators of what to create in your life.

If your kid has daddy issues, as in wanting you to stay alone in hopes of your ex coming back into your life – then go ahead and skip the introduction to the new guy.

Finding the love of your life has never been so easy.

The law of attraction is the belief that "like attracts like," and that by focusing on positive thoughts we can bring about positive results.

Even if there is no active lesion you can still be contagious.

It is very important for you to know since you can give herpes to someone else without knowing you have it.

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reruns not to become disillusioned with the prospect of finding love.

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