Trouble updating windows media player 10 to 11 dating a man going through a separation

Posted by / 04-Dec-2017 22:47

If you’re missing this classic Windows utility, we’re here to show you how to get it back quickly and for free.We’ll also offer up some alternative media players because Windows Media Player hasn’t been updated since 2009.That's the problem Microsoft faces with Windows Media Player (WMP) 11. But with its major competitor, i Tunes 7 (see my review), stealing its most exciting new feature, and Microsoft's own Zune player doing its own thing and not utilizing WMP for device connectivity, WMP 11 is sort of a lame duck.Sure, millions of people will eventually download the software and happily use it.Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, and Education Edition customers can choose to Defer Windows Updates, but Windows 10 Home users have no such choice and the updates get installed on their PCs right away.

However, it’s obvious that Microsoft is phasing out some of its legacy software for the new universal apps instead.WMP 11, finally, drops the monotonous blue user interface that has dogged the previous three versions and adopts a cleaner, more professional looking black fascia (Figure).Oddly, this interface looks much nicer (to me, at least) than does the Vista version, which replaces the black areas of WMP 11/XP with translucent Glass panes.Note: Microsoft removed DVD playback support back in Windows 8, so you won’t be able to use WMP for them.However, there are plenty of third-party utilities (hint: VLC) that will let you play DVDs.

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Before Updates are finally released for end-users like you and me, Microsoft tests them extensively on their own test systems. Microsoft gets an army of keen geeks, hungry to test out the new builds, in real-world situations.