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Tuomo ruutu dating

Perhaps the saddest aspect of the Blackhawks' situation is nights like Sunday.

"He's a guy trying to find his way in the league and become an every day NHL player. We like the way he plays the game." The Devils wanted more grit. The Blackhawks are one of the "Original Six" NHL teams along with the Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins and New York Rangers.Since 1994, the club's home rink is the United Center."Obviously it was our familiarity with him and with Ruutu being out, Patrik being out and Paul Thompson was injured yesterday in the game in Albany I was at," Shero said. "Every week it could be two steps forward and then a step back. But he has a ways to go, even in terms of when he does get back on the ice with the team." Cory Schneider will start Tuesday night for the Devils against the Columbus Blue Jackets."But Bobby Farnham plays with speed, tenacity and he's courageous. From the start of it I really haven't had a timetable on it for myself as a coach." Elias has been sitting in on team meetings.

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