Updating brass light fixtures

Posted by / 01-Sep-2017 16:13

Updating brass light fixtures

This past weekend, I came across a brassy little lantern chandelier at the thrift store.I had been looking for something like this for awhile, so when I saw a price tag on the lantern, I think I yelped outloud.This is one of the oldest DIY tricks in the book, updating brass or gold fixtures to oil-rubbed bronze. Face it, we all have them…brass or gold light fixtures, door handles, bathroom knobs, brass lamps, etc.Most anything could easily be updated to a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze in a matter of minutes.One coat should cover just fine, in fact I spray everything with this!(We even painted our ugly brass chandeliers at church!I found that giant chandelier (also originally brass) and decided that it was better than the dark brown ceiling fan that was there before.To update the chandelier from brass to brushed silver, I used one of my favorite silver spray paints, Rustoleum Titanium Silver (amazon affiliate link).

Our finished product, although the dome is still covered with etched flowers it’s much easier on the eyes and up to date.

I then gently rubbed the sanding block around the brass ring and the stopper to rough it up a bit so the paint would adhere better . Waited one hour until I was sure the paint was dry, and then painted a second coat. Once I was happy with the coverage, I let everything sit for another full 24 hours to cure.

This is a pretty important step, because while they are dry to the touch, the paint is still super susceptible to chips, etc. Then next I put the fixture back together Not to shabby if you ask me.

Therefore I had to use a retro trim kit for the actual hardware and splash guard and used a new faucet set for the handle, spout, and showerhead. Let me introduce you to my new best friend: It was nasty, originally brass, but the shellac had come off and it was discolored and peeling.

(this is actually my neighbors door, but mine look a lot like it!

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