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Updating intellisense hang

(This option differs from renaming of feacp.dll, in that setting value to "Disable" still causes the IDE to load an existing NCB.) Note: Visual Assist ignores value of registry string value "Default Intellisense" if option to "Get content from default Intellisense" is enabled.Hmnyari, Same here, it would be easy to rename Intellisense to either Intelli NONsense, or Intellipain!After some browsing and switching files simple crashes. Whenever I try to open a Visual GDB Project, after a few seconds I get the notification Cpp Engine stopped running. AHJCAmn8c UQ2Hx Q&ithint=file,zip Hi, We have fixed a few things in the engine since the latest 5.1 build, so please check if you can still reproduce the problem with this build: GDB- yes, please upload an updated dump file and we will look into it. It is seriously starting to affect my workflow so any help would be appreciated. The temporary build links automatically expire when their functionality is moved to the normal releases.

After I installed Visual Studio 2010 I was having a difficult time editing files in Visual Studio.

Since Re Sharper is integrating within Visual Studio deeply, there are some scenarios, some specific configurations, solutions or use cases, which may lead to freeze or crash of Visual Studio with Re Sharper.

This article guides through troubleshooting steps in order to fix or avoid the crash, or at least determine the cause of the issue.

I habitually type the "(" character as soon as the function I want to call is highlighted in the Intellisense window, but in 2010 this behavior was no longer auto-completing the function name.

At first I thought this behavior was due to the new "suggestion mode" in Intellisense, but no amount of toggling with CTRL ALT SPACE would bring back the auto-complete behavior.

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I am using the Power Shell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) however every command I type results in a 30 second delay that Intellisense is stopping. Every time I typed at the bottom of the screen it would have a message that Intellisense was stopping but it would hang for about 30 seconds and during this time I could not run Power Shell within the environment.

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